Kitui to Lose 30.5M In Defamation Lawsuit Case



Kitui is set to cough over 30 Million shillings after the court overturned the useless motion by Kyome Thaana MCA Alex Mwangangi which was geared towards impeaching LIHUD Minister Eng Kakundi, The COUNTY DIARY reports.

The motion, which was dismissed by the court with costs will now see Kitui seen lose over 30.5 millions.

True to the old adage that says, ‘When elephants fight it’s the grass that gets trampled, the people of Kitui will now have to pay through the nose.

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Our good Members of the County assembly instead of legislating on important motions that can help our people have now engaged themselves in supremacy battles with the Executive Arm of Government, putting the people of Kitui at the cross roads.

Kitui County Assembly is set to lose over 30.5Million over a defamation lawsuit.

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The Minister sued the Assembly Committee members for defaming him and won the case.

Meanwhile, the Assembly Lawyer is now demanding 10.5 Million for representing them while the Minister is demanding 20 Million.

As things stand, the money for the suit will either come from the institution concerned or individual committee members.

There is a need to be cautious and be extra careful when legislating, the COUNTY DIARY ADVISORY OPINION.