Kitui Teachers Training College holds 7th Graduation Ceremony


By County Diary

Kitui County Deputy Governor, Dr. Gideon Wathe Nzau officiated this year 2019 kitui Teachers 7the graduation ceremony where he had represented Governor Charity Kaluki Ngilu.

The function was also addressed by Kitui County Education, ICT and Youth Development Ministry Chief Officer Agnetta Mwikali Peter.

The CO had represented the County Minister David M.Kivoto at the function. The retired Anglican Church of Kenya Archbishop Benjamin Mwanzia Nzimbi, who is a Kitui Teachers Training College Management Board member, was also in attendance.

The Kitui Teachers Training College has continued to be a trail-blazer in producing good results and all-round teachers, the institution’s Chief Principal, Catherine K. Irungu has said.

The college head added that they are a force to reckon with in the field of teacher education in the country (Kenya). “Our graduands are existing college when we are going through a curriculum and education system change obtaining in the country,” she further said.

Mrs. Irungu was speaking to thousands of people among them the Kitui Teachers Training College’s students, parents, and lecturers during the institution’s 7th graduation ceremony held on Friday, March 15, 2019.

where the Anglican Church of Kenya Archbishop, Dr. Jackson Ole Sapit was the chief guest at the function.

A total of 578 students- 240 men and 338 ladies- graduated during the ceremony. Irungu said that the graduands have been tested, qualified and certified by the Kenya National Examinations Council.

“The college recorded 80.06 percentage pass and a 5.05 mean score. This was an improvement of the 2017 results whose percentage pass was 67.79,” the educationist said. Irungu disclosed that currently, the college has a total of 1,052 students.

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The 1,052 are 665 ladies and 392 men. And she also disclosed that currently, the institution has 63 lecturers (24 ladies and 39 men) and 50 non-teaching staff members. “Besides the PTE, the college offers diploma and certificate in early childhood development education.

A good number of P1 students multi-task and enroll for both so that they exist with both certificates in PTE and diploma in early childhood development education. This improves their employability,” the college head said.

“Today we celebrate the 7th graduation ceremony. Number seven is the number of God. It symbolizes the fullness of God and His perfection. It also signals that soon we shall have number 8. This year marks the end of the P1 teacher trainees admission to the teacher training colleges in the country,” Irungu said. And she added:

“Those we admitted this year will go down the history as having closed the P1 teacher training era in Kenya.” “As we come to the conclusion of the P1 teacher training, those sitting the final primary teacher education (PTE) examination must never fail.

If they do, it will be an academic tragedy. Therefore, I call upon all the students and lecturers to ensure that there is 100 percent pass,” Irungu said. She asked the graduands to love the children they will be teaching and aim at impacting them positively.

“May our Good God lead your steps always. Thank you,” the college chief said. In his speech, Archbishop Sapit talked about the church’s roles for human development in the world “ including education and health.” Sapit, who is the Anglican Church of Kenya’s 6th Archbishop, said that even before the governments were set up in Africa, the church was there to serve the people of Africa. “We are here today to celebrate the education because we are graduating teachers,” the cleric said, adding that without education we have no future as progressive people.

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He added that the teaching is through setting our objectives. “Without education, we can’t produce experts including teachers, doctors, lawyers, and engineers. And without education we can’t have pastors and even the Archbishop like me,” Sapit said.

He said that without being educated, a pastor can’t read and understand the words that are written in the Bible. “Let us accept that we are in a changing world that is accepting us to change for better lives,” the clergyman added.

The local (Kitui central) District Commissioner Jackson Ole Chuta said he was happy with the peace prevailing in the district and the entire Kitui County. “Kitui is one of the largest counties in Kenya. It is the third largest county in the country after Turkana and Marsabit Counties,” the DC said.

The county has an area of 24,385.1 square kilometers. And with the population of 1.5 million people, it is the 11th most populated county out of all Kenya’s 47 counties. Chuta had represented the County Commissioner Samuel Wanjohi Kimiti at the function.

He highly lauded the Kitui Teachers Training College for its good management. “We appreciate all the stakeholders who have been supporting this college,” the DC said. “Because I know that most of you are in the youth age group-that is 18 to 35 years you have a long way to go to succeed in your lives,” he told the graduands. And in his speech, the Kitui Teachers Training College Board of Management Chairman, Wilfred Kinundu, disclosed that the college’s population has grown from the initial 264 students when the institution started in 2010 to 1,052 currently.

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“I congratulate the students and the lecturers for seriousness in their work. We have continued to perform excellently in Kenya’s national examinations year in year out.

I pray that you keep up that spirit,” Kinundu said. He highly appreciated the Kitui County government saying that they recognize the good work it has been doing at the college.

And he cited the sinking of a borehole, construction of the concrete perimeter wall around the college and awarding the college’s needy students some financial assistance through the county’s pro-poor bursary support.

“Likewise, I salute the Kitui Central Constituency Development Fund Office for constructing for us the kitchen and proving us with water tanks. May God bless you as you explore more areas of cooperation and partnership.

Together we can take this college to greater heights of infrastructural development,” the BOM chairman said. Kinundu advised the graduands to seek opportunities for further studies. “Look for ways of boosting your skills.

Speaking during the fete Dr. Wathe Nzau reiterated the county Government commitment to empowering the institution in terms of infrastructure.

There is something for everyone. I wish you the best in life as you seek employment Kitui Deputy Governor told graduands, May Good Lord guide your professional steps,” he further added.

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