Kitui: Teacher Commits suicide, Blames Estranged Wife



A head teacher of Wikithuki primary school has committed suicide in his Matrimonial home in Mwingi central, kitui county.

Mwingi OCPD, Peter Mutuma confirmed the incident to press where the deceased Mr Jacob Muimi Nguli is said to have left an emotional suicide letter that he had written before taking his own life.

From the letter, it was clear that they had unresolved challenges with his wife and that is believed to be the reason he committed suicide, local media reported

In the letter dated thursday 23rd December 2021, Jacob accused his wife of inciting his three blood children against him and portraying them as bad people, and also telling lies about him to other people at her disposal.

“You have never appreciated me regardless of the efforts I put providing for my family, you have ensured that you gave me stress always and all through hence affecting me emotionally, mentally, socially and spiritually”, the letter read in part.

He also condemned the wife for inciting the community against him by peddling lies and gossip and has been always shouting at him without giving him peace of mind.

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The headteacher also thanked those who stood with him during the most difficult moments in his life and said that “Mungu anajua yote“.

Kitui KNUT Executive secretary general, Mr Simon nding’o called on teachers not to remain silent when fighting depression in the families and urged teachers to be reporting cases of depression among their colleagues.

He also pledged that the Union will work hand in hand with TSC to give guidance and counselling to the teachers in the right direction, Mr Ndingo told COUNTY DIARY on Phone

The suicide cases in kitui county is on the rise with majority of people raising the red flag..


Kitui Netizens have taken to the social media to express their opinions on the rising cases of suicides.

Mr Ndingo: Very sad that the teacher had to undergo this kind of mistreatment even being put behind bars.
Divorce/ separation is the answer, remarry if need be.

Waita Nation: Don’t let that toxic woman drive you into an early grave
Man up, kick her out, remarry and enjoy life You deserve better
Suicide is not the answer neither should it be the last resort
My 50 cent advice to fellow men
For every 1 toxic ungrateful woman there’s a 100 out there looking for a good man to respect, submit to and pamper

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Jacob Kimwilu: The big issue is marriage vows people take in churches.they are not wrong but there is a part says till death do us apart,the devil uses those words for somebody to commit suicide

Traditional marriage don’t go through such hell.

Waita Nation: The man was weak too. A cry baby
Why condone such a vile woman?

Boniface Mutungi: Sometimes it’s the love of the kids. Your conscience doesn’t allow you to betray the innocent kids.

Stanely Mwangangi Kanyangi: Let those married in church tell,
Church is a sacred sanctuary of covenant, how can it be origin of sin ?

Waita Nation: God certainly doesn’t want any of his children to suffer in the name of marriage
The institution is meant to be a place of love, kindness, supportive companionship and marital bliss
If you can get that God will forgive you for seeking divorce from that Jezebel

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Waita Nation: Kicking out a bad wife doesn’t amount to disowning your kids, You can petition for custody and marry a woman who appreciates you as well as your kids

Waita Nation: This explains why we have so many widows and increased suicide rate among men
Wanawake wanauwa waume wao na stress.

Waita Nation: I choose positive because life has no side B
You’re responsible for your happiness
Don’t hurt yourself in the name of hurting another
Even if you commit suicide coz of them be certain they won’t die. Only you will have forfeited your precious life
Wataendelea kula raha na wakusahau after a while.

Grace Kavinya CO: The teacher is not a saint as comrade you …..

This man brought his mistress/ mpango in his wifes matrimonial home, when the wife asked for explanation she was beaten mercilessly she had to take the matter to police.

The other option she took was to leave for her parents home.

Girl child must take cover if forced to.

COUNTY DIARY: We were bashing the girl child, kube the boy child acted Foolishly…

If it’s true, Why would a man bring his side chick to his matrimonial bed when the First Lady is alive? Surely?