Kitui Sports Minister Mourns with the Family of the Woman killed by Crocodile


Kitithini/Kambusu Village,

Kikuyu Location

Mumoni ward Mwingi North Sub-County

by Kangara
Wednesday 20th March 2019

Kitui County Executive for Tourism, Sports and Culture Patrick Koki Musau led a high delegation from Kitui County Government to the community of Mwingi North Sub-County living along Kiambere Dam in Tana River.

The Community has consistently have been attacked by a Crocodile while going to look for one rare commodity called water within the Dam.

The County CECM and his delegation had been sent by the Kitui County Governor H.E Hon Charity Kaluki Ngilu to look and come with ways of finding for a long-lasting solution of Water issues of the Community living within Kiambere Dam once and for all.

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Food and Waterfall under our Kitui County Governor’s Manifesto’s Pillar number one and thus the entire Kitui County Executive leadership and that of the County Assembly should join hands together to make sure that this Pillar is fully achieved and of great importance to the Kitui real Musangi/Electorate fully.

The delegation started the busy day by touring Katooni [KNCU BEACH] which is the major Water point for the Community living within this region, later they visited and Delivered the Governor Charity Kaluki Ngilu’s message of condolences to the people of Katithini village and the family of Kilonzo Muthui whose Wife had been attacked and killed by a Crocodile while fetching water at Kiambere Dam last week.

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The high powered delegation then proceeded to the Kiambere Mwingi Water and Sanitation Companies Treatment Works/Intake at the commonly well known place Borovit in a bid to see how the Water can be redistributed back from the Kyoea reservoir Tank by gravitational force with a backline to the Community living along the TRDA cutline/Buffer zone and eventually prevent the Community living within that region from going to the Dam in Search of Water for both the Domestic use as well as for their animals.

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Officers accompanying the County Executive for Tourism, Sports and Culture Patrick Koki Musau were;
Mr Zakayo G Kimanzi, Chief Officer County Ministry of Tourism, Sports and Culture, Mr Benjamin Kioko Kiilu, Chief Officer County Ministry of Water, Irrigation and Livestock Development, Hon Johnson M Kannada, area MCA, Mr Shendrack, head Protocol, Office of the Governor, Mr Kinuba CEO, Kiambere Mwingi Water and Sanitation Company [KIMWASCO], Jimmy N Musili, Senior Game Warden 1, Mr Kyalo, Ward Administrator, Mumoni Ward and Mr Timmy Nguli, Village Administrator Ngungani Village among other leaders.