Kitui Sports CEM Koki Musau Visits Kambi Ya Mawe, Kora National Park In Mwingi


Kitui Governor Ngilu has appealed to the Management of Kenya wildlife Service to help in developing a Ten Years Wildlife Strategic Management Plan to Conserve kora National game reserve in honor of Fauna and Flora.

The Message of the Kitu Governor Ngilu was Delivered by Tourism, Sports and culture hon Patrick Koki Musau

Governor Ngilu appeals to Kenya Wildlife Services [KWS] during the annual event of George Adamsons memorial Experience

The County Minister for Tourism, Sports and Culture Hon Patrick Koki Musau accompanied by his Chief Officer Mr. Zakayo G Kimanzi and other high power delegation of Kitui County Tourism Officers to the annual event of George Adamson Memorial Experience to celebrate 30yrs after his death.

The County Executive for Tourism was representing Kitui County Governor H.E Hon Charity Kaluki Ngilu who was at Mombasa for embrace Kenya chapter

In a statement which was given by Kitui County Executive for Tourism, the Governor Reiterated her government efforts in Mwingi North Game Reserve since she assumed power in Kitui County by stopping charcoal burning, lodging among the Wildlife human conflicts activities happening there as well as assigning County Game Wardens who patrols along the Buffer Zone/Cutline. Ngilu added.

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She also noted of her commitment to combining efforts with a renowned International Wildlife conservationist Mr. Tony Fitzjohn who has shown his willingness to fence both Mwingi North Game Reserve and Kora National Park.

The function was held at Kora National Park where the legendary Lion Conservationist who was born in India and of British Citizen and later come to Kenya with his wife Joy Adamson by Train through a Railway Line as Conservationist is buried (His Graveside) after he was shot dead by Somali bandits.

It was jointly hosted by Meru Conservation Area members [MCA] which comprise of 4 Parks within 4 Counties i.e Meru National Park (Meru), Bisinadi (Isiolo), Mwingi Game Reserve (Kitui) and Kora National Park.

The Chief Guest of Honour for that function which had attracted hundreds of thousand conservationist and Tourists both local and International who has pitched several tents at Kora was the Kenya Wildlife Director General Prof Musyoki,

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“also present were Tana River County Minister for Tourism and Trade, Deputy Director of KWS, several assistant Director’s, leader of Majority Tana River County Assembly and MCA for Mbangale Ward among other leaders from the 4 Counties. The two day’s event will end tomorrow.

From Kora National Park, the CECM drove for two and half hours to attend another function at Masyungwa Secondary School Harambee in Tseikuru Ward in Mwingi North Sub-County where he was also representing Kitui County, Governor H.E Hon Charity. The CECM had also sent his Principal Sports Officer Mr. Pascal Mwanzia to represent and read his speech at Miambani Ward during a football tournament organized by the area MCA Hon Alex Mutambu Nganga.

Later in the day, The minister represented the Governor Ngilu in presiding Harambee at Masyungwa Secondary School, Tseikuru Ward, Mwingi North Sub-County where he had a long drive from Kora National Park George Adamsons Memorial event to Musungwa harambee.

The Minister Koki Musau was in accompany of ADB Bank Banker Mr. John Kyalo Munyithya where they presided over a Harambee at Masyungwa Secondary School for construction of School Dormitory, Classrooms and Dining Hall in Tseikuru Ward of Mwingi North Sub-County where the County Executive for Tourism was also representing Kitui County Governor H.E Hon Charity Kaluki Ngilu.

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The County CECM for Tourism urged the residents in that region to support Governor Ngilu’s programs which are geared in uplifting the livelihoods of Kitui County people. He also briefed them on the development projects which the Governor has done in Tseikuru Ward as well as the ones which have been factored in this FY 2019/2020.

In a Harambee which helped raise over 1.7million Shillings, the Tourism Executive gave Kshs Ten Thousand for the Students to buy bread and other goodies tomorrow.

Others leaders in attendance were the area MCA Hon Kilaa Kasina, former MP for Mwingi North Constituency and currently Chairman of Kenya SACCO Societies Hon John Mati Munuve, Mwingi Deputy Town Administrator Kimanzi Muange among other leaders.