Kitui Senatorial Candidate Shines During Punchline Online Debate


By Our Reporter.

Kitui senatorial candidates led by Charles Kathingi Nguu aka Senator Tata and little known Jeremy Savi last might won the heart of the people of kitui.

In an online Debate organised by kitui professional Chat members, the two took the opportunity to shine over their Competitors who Chickened out and opted to follow the hot debate.

This was the key point


What’s the role/mandate of a Senator?

How would you rank pioneer Senator David Musila and the incumbent Kiio Wambua in the delivery of this mandate?

In a crowded pool of aspirants for the Senate seat in 2022 why should Kitui voters prefer you over the others? What is unique about you?

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The current County administration has been roundly condemned for graft and poor service delivery to its residents. What’s your take?

What’s your position on matters governance in the county? Have Kitui people heard you voice your opinion or have you been quiet?

Are you comfortable with the state of affairs in Kitui County? If YES/NO, why?

The youth form 2/3 of the population in Kitui County, what’s your agenda for the youth? How would you fight for them to achieve it?

How would you want to see the perpetual enemies of Kitui, poverty, food insecurity, water scarcity, poor health infrastructure and services etc tackled by the county government?

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In the event you are elected as Senator, how would you handle a hostile Governor to ensure the necessary development reaches wananchi?

What’s your opinion on the Revenue Sharing Formula for counties?

The debate was hot, it was sizzling, No holds barred punch up debate on the Kitui Senatorial position. Its role and its politics

The debate lasted for two to – three hours.

The manner in which Charles Kathingi Nguu answered the question, “he was full of humour, insight and well researched, Nguu won the heart of the members, indeed his future will be great and bright.

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The little Known Jeremiah Savi was too impressive indeed his future remains bright. The members were humbled by their humility and tireless engagement to respond to Question

May the God who rewards diligence and humility reward you and meet you in all your areas of need. Moving forward, we shall be working with like-minded professionals to prepare a physical debate for aspirants across all top county seats before the General Elections of August 2022.