Kitui Senator Writes to County leadership Over Budget Impasse SHAME



Greetings colleague leaders,

By Senator Wambua.

Articie 176 of the Constitution of Kenya. 2010, establishes a county government in county comprising of the County Assembly and the County Executive Consequentty Articles 179 and 185.

The executive and legislative authority to the County Exsecutive and County Assembly respectively.

The exercise of these functions is meant to be in the best interest of the county without undue regard to the personal interests of persons holding office as governor or the speaker.

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Lady and gentleman, the impasse in the County Govemment of Kitui over the 2020/2021 budget unnecessary, untdy and shameful.

Under Article 96 of the Constitution of Kenya, 2010, It is my responsibility as the elected Senator of Kitui.

County to represent my county and protect the interests of my county and its government These interests include the plight of county staff, suppliers and contractors who continue to suffer on account of thie

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These interests incluade the provision of essetial services to our people who continue to suffer arising from the impasse

Unfortunately, none of you has deemed it fit to brief me on the real basis of the impasse, leaving me to get side briefs from interested parties directly and indirectly through the media.

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This is wrong and unacceptable is extremely painful to learn from the media that my county is among the three counties that wont not immediately access the first tranche of disbursement from the national Treasury because the county government has not uploaded its approved budget in IFMIs.

Hon Kio Wambua

Senator Kitui County