I salute fellow leaders in our beautiful country. With humility I request to address the political class; not because I am the most qualified to do so, but because I am privileged by God through the great people of Kitui County to have a voice.

As a servant of the most High God and an elected leader in this country, I wish to call EACH leader in our great Republic to order.

Images coming from our neighbours in Uganda are not just disturbing, they are very scary.

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Political divisions fueled by selfish interests, the radicalisation of youth while systematically excluding them from the centre, the blatant disodience of lawful and legitimate orders concerning political gatherings, the use of brute force to disperse public rallies, the primitive accumulation of wealth at the expense of service to Kenyans and the chest thumbing across the political divide are a perfect recipe for unprecedented anarchy in our country.

We are, knowingly or ignorantly, pushing this country over the cliff. Kenyans are suffering under the weight of a global pandemic and an economic meltdown.

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Our people are scared for themselves, their children, their kin. They are looking for answers (FROM US) to their basic health and financial challenges. At the very least, they are looking up to us for the hope of a better tomorrow.

Let us all step back and realise that Kenya is bigger than each one of us; the prosperity of our motherland is a lot more important than individual political interests.

May the words of our National Anthem and the message in the colours of the flag of our Republic attain their full meaning in each one of us. We are called to serve.

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This calling is a privilege. It is not a right. Let each one of us exercise the calling with the best interest of Kenya and the constituencies we represent at heart. God bless each leader in this country. God bless Kenya.

Enoch Kiio Wambua ,
Senator, Kitui County .