There is time for Everything: Kitui Senator Wambua Issues Personal Statements



God is great.
I know this matter of the 2027 Kitui County gubernatorial race has occupied the minds of many people.

And it is okay because you can’t really dictate how people think and/or act. I am told that some people have already declared interest in the seat and are already campaigning.

This is also okay. But in my own very honest opinion, I think it is too early to declare interest in elective seats only a few months after the August 9, 2022 general elections. As a Christian, I am guided by the words of the preacher in *Ecclesiastes 3:1…”there is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens”.

We need closure on outstanding issues relating to the last elections as a way of safeguarding future elections. On this matter, I am on the table with 14 other Kenyan leaders to pursue fairness, peace and stability in our country.

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Pray for me and other team members in the bipartisan talks to succeed.
I have decided to fight for our people to get the benefits of electing me before asking them for another political position four years away.

As a senior leader in Wiper, I have a duty to work closely with like-minded leaders to strengthen our party in readiness for the 2027 polls.

The party must be strengthened in every corner of the country as we prepare our Party Leader for the Presidency. On this matter, my mind is very clear. And from the look of things, “mbele iko sawa” but a lot more needs ro be done..

But as I said, people are free to engage and pursue their personal dreams as they please. On the floor of the Senate, in relation to the fresh mandate given to me by the great people of Kitui County, I am focussing on my call of duty (Article 96 of the Constitution) to protect Kitui County and its government.

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I am happy that I have already pushed for an additional more than Sh530,000,000 to Kitui County through the Equalisation Fund Bill.

When I joined the Senate in 2017, Kitui County had been removed from the proposed list of beneficiary counties but now we are there. In the next budgeting cycle for the Equalisation Fund, I will push for more areas in Kitui to benefit.

This I will do in close consultation and negotiation with my colleagues in the Senate and CRA. Thankfully, we have one of our own in the CRA and his input on this strategy will be valuable.

I have pushed for the republication of the Ndengu Bill and led the Senate in very successful public participation exercises in Tseikuru, Ngomeni, Mutomo and Kiusyani. I am happy with the pace of the processing of the Bill.

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My push for the creation of Mwingi County is gaining serious momentum through avenues I can’t disclose now for strategic reasons.

I am keen on building strategic partnerships as a leader for the benefit of our people. Through the Kiio Wambua Foundation we continue to undertake feeding programmes, medical camps and reforestation in different parts of the county.

The Kitui County Half Marathon is coming up soon; bigger and better. And preparations for the goat auction and cultural festival are in top gear.
I ask the people of Kitui County to continue praying for me as I commit to serve them and serve my country.

Hon. Enoch Kiio Wambua, CBS, MP
Senator, Kitui County,
Senate Deputy Minority Leader,
Chairman, Kiio Wambua Foundation

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