Kitui Traders SACCO To Invest Heavily on Credit Cooperatives


TRADERS SACCO Tuesday, October 9, 2018

By county Diary correspondent

The leadership of the Kitui Traders Savings and Credit Cooperative Society Limited has asked Kitui County government to financially and materially support them like the other societies in the county. “We have never benefited with any financial or material support from the government,” the society’s Chairman Philip K.Makanda said.

The cooperator disclosed that their society started in 1988 and currently has a total of more than 1,000 members from the entire Kitui County. And he added that they are planning to start recruiting more members through using the local markets and shopping centres.

Their society is one of the 241 cooperative societies in Kitui County where the 241 have more than 63,000 members. “We are appealing to all the traders in the county to join the Kitui Traders Savings and Credit Cooperative Society Limited as members for them to enable us to strengthen the sacco in terms of development and viability among other goodies,”

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the cooperators leader said. Makanda was speaking during the society’s management and supervisory committee meeting they had organised at the Kalundu Assistant Chief’s Office in Kitui Township Location, Kitui Central Sub-County recently where the meeting was graced by the presence of the local Sub-County Cooperatives Officer Joseph Mutemi.

Mutemi had been accompanied by an official from his office Jedidda Mulei. Makanda assured his fellow cooperators that he will continue serving them effectively and efficiently for the benefits of their society. “As a society, we know that we must grow,” he said. He highly thanked the members for having being according him cooperation as their chairman

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. The chairman also thanked the management committee together with the credit and supervisory committees because of their cooperation to him. “I and my committee officials are in very good working terms,” Makanda said. He had been accompanied by his Vice Chairman Jackson Kyethu, Secretary Gregory Katongu Mutia, Treasurer Philomena K.Muneer, Supervisory Committee Secretary Joel Kyambu, Vice Secretary Daniel Kusua Muli, Credits Committee Chairman Henry Nguli Isika and committee members Anna King’ui, Teresia M.Musyoka, Monica Kimanzi and Peris Kithitu among others. And addressing them, the Sub-County Cooperatives Officer highly thanked them for their tireless efforts in managing the society.

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“Your leadership for the sacco and its members is very quite excellent and we as the office are very happy with you,” Mutemi told them. And he assured them that the county government is going to support them.

The officer called upon the members of the dormant cooperative societies in Kitui County to revive them as he talked about the importance of the societies in Kenya and the entire the world.

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