Kitui rural legislator Bon Mwalika wins praise from netizens for maturity and clear governance


By our reporter

As the resident of Kitui rural and politician keep guessing on they will use stone crusher to resurrect their political careers, the county diary had learnt the current member of parliament hon Bon Mwalika is growing strong and strong and strong despite negative media publicity.

Kitui rural seat is being eyed by several seasons politician among them the immediate former mp hon Charles Nyamai.
Ben muthukumi is said to be working tirelessly to unseat hon bon Mwalika but it might be very hard to unseat Bon For his transparency in issuing of NG CDf bursaries in the area
He is also said to be mediating the warring team in the area as far as stone crusher is a concern.

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During the heated stone crusner meeting at kwa kilui the legislator played was the one who used to control the speaker who were boiling like hot including Mbaki Mbaki..
The almost award-winning member of parliament for Kitui rural hon bon Mwalika

Transparency in the continued allocation of CDF Funds has won Kitui Rural Member of Parliament Hon. Bon Mwalika banquets and praises from residents, County Diary has learnt.

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According to residents who spoke to our News Desk, the constituents have expressed their joy and satisfaction to the manner in which member of Parliament is doing in the area.

” We thank the MP whose Constituency Development Fund board members are transparency and value accountability in resources allocation. I was given a bursary for my two children in Form 3 and 4 without hitches” said Mwikali Mutie speaking to County Diary on Friday.

The NG CDF under the leadership of Member of Parliament hon Mwalika Bon has continued to issue NG-CDF funds in a modern and transparent manner based on the priority needs of the locals.

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Mp is known to be cool and focused leaders, he is loved, He listens and hated in equal measure. Bon Mwalika attracts both friends and foe with equal measure, nevertheless, He is assertive, humorous, eloquent and commands a fanatic following inside the constituency spheres.