Kitui Roll-Out 10 Days Covid19 Mass Vaccination Campaign


Kitui county has Rolled Out a ten days Covid19 Mass Vaccination Campaign.

The Kitui ministry of Health and Sanitation in collaboration with the ministry of Interior and Coordination of National Government have rolled out a 10days Covid19 mass vaccination campaign, in an event graced by Kitui CEC incharge of Health and Sanitation Dr Winnie Kitetu and Kitui County Commissioner Mr Mbogai Rioba.

Dr Kitetu, while addressing the various stakeholders who graced the launch she called on Kitui residents to take advantage of this 10 days campaign to be vaccinated.


“I want to challenge anyone who has not been vaccinated to take advantage of the campaign. You may not die, when you get Corona. But the after effects of the virus may leave you with diabetes, infection of the lungs, mental health among other terminal diseases.

Therefore, I urge all of us to take this opportunity and get vaccinated so as we can live a health life, thus a health nation,” said Kitetu.

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The county commissioner Mr Rioba, reiterated that Kitui county is lagging behind in the uptake of the Covid19 vaccine.

Rioba said,” Kitui county is lagging behind in Covid19 vaccination with only 18 per cent of it’s eligible population fully vaccinated, despite all types of vaccines being available in our facilities.”

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The county commissioner further added, “with the availability of vaccines and resources, it is critical for us to scale up vaccination and achieve the target vaccinating of at least 50 per cent of the population.”

The campaign kicks off from 22nd – 31st July and its officially supported by UNICEF in collaboration with other partners.

Also during the roll-out Mr Rioba unveiled a vehicle donated to the ministry by various partners.