Kitui Residents In Massive Boycott of CA Public Participation forums


By Our Reporters

Wananchi in Kitui county have boycotted public participation forums called by the Kitui County Assembly to discuss the 2019/2020 annual budget.

The forums were also meant to get public contributions on the proposed Public Participation Bill 2019.

Public Participation on the County Budget Estimates 2019/2020 was still held in different parts Across the county, in Kitui central sub-county were held at Kitui Multi-Purpose Development Training Hall and other five centers across the county, namely; Nguni market Shade, Mutito Social Hall, Ikutha Ndili’s Hall, and Tseikuru Resource Centre.

People have been urged to Find time to make join these forums and deliberate on the issues that are forecasted for the coming year within the budget document.

The constitution provides for public participation as a principle that guides all aspects of public finance in the Republic under Article 201(a).

The forums were held in 8 sub-county venues but have come under fierce criticism from members of the public and professionals as being rubber stamping sessions devoid of any serious discussions.

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Since yesterday, social media platforms were awash with criticism especially in WhatsApp groups where the newspaper advert announcing the public meetings was roundly condemned.

“Devolution has been castrated a county assembly process that denies the majority says and which is being facilitated by the very same people who are supposed to speak for the voter for is shameful.

MUMONI voters are supposed to Kukila mbisi na iyima & and land at TSEIKURU! This is unacceptable a voter ranted on social media.

This is purely a public relationship with no value for money for the citizens, Musangi you are on your own, jikaze dada”, said one citizen at Kitui WhatsApp forum said.

Is it that there is no money for public participation or our County Assembly has chosen to kill devolution or sadly, they don’t know its importance? Am imagining people from Mui Ward trekking all the way to Nguni for Public Participation! Am asking me how residents of Wikithuki, Thaana or Winzyei areas will trek to Nguni!

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This being the picture, then one ward, Nguni, will decide for two constituencies. At this rate, may Public Participation Rest In Peace!”, another said in the same forum.”Which kind of public participation in this by the County Assembly?

How can you expect one to travel all the way from Nguutani to Nguni for an event which has no facilitation? Seriously this is independent-minded public reps?

Imagine even the notice for attendance was so short!.
another voter added.”There are serious logistical issues in this arrangement. Why lump two far-flung sub-counties together without considering distance and transport costs? How many willing attendees will be denied an opportunity to contribute due to the prohibitive costs and other inconveniences? Why not place meetings in central points in each constituency bearing in mind this is one of the most important activities in a county govt? For example, in Kitui East, why Mutitu instead of Zombie?

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There is no transport to and from Mutitu coz there is only one matatu leaving in the morning and returning late afternoon. How about the inconvenience for Endau/Malani, Voo/Kyamatu, Nzambani, and Chuluni people?”, another said at Kitui Professional Chat (KPC).

“Public Participation is just a rubber stamp, We need to see a fair distribution of resources to all wards, the poorest wards like Mutha, Tharaka, Voo/ Kyamatu, etc”, another wrote at KPC.

The Kitui County Assembly is increasingly becoming unpopular with harsh criticism leveled against MCAs allegedly for failing in their oversight, legislation and representation mandates in the county assembly