Kitui: Residents decry Elephants Invasion in their farms, want STATE to Intervene



The residents of kitui East led by Mp Nimrod Mbai are calling upon the government to chase away the straying herds of elephants in makongo area.

The area member of Parliament Hon Nimrod Mbithuka Mbai has given the KWS Officers three days to move the animals out of the area. Otherwise it will be Messy.

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Mbai said, he will not allow these staying elephants to continue destroying farms in kitui east constituency.

According to the Mwitika area chief ,Mr Mutinda Mutuvi, Herd of elephants have been spotted on their way to Mwitika Market from Makongo Market in Kitui East Sub-county Zombe/Mwitika ward.

Kenya Wild life Service officials today (Friday) will be coming to see how to drive the straying elephants back to the game reserve ~ Chief Mwitika Mutinda Mutuvi told the press.

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The residents have been asked to be vigilant & observant.