Kitui Professionals lauds Makueni Governor Over his Leadership skills


By our reporter

Kitui professionals have echoed Makueni Governor prof Kivutha Kibwana over his leadership, skills. The Governor is said to have been involving all stakeholders in whatever the county government plans to do in formative stages.

The move has made the governor to be a darling leader in Makueni according to Wambua muli, the teacher in one of the local school.

Genuine involvement of professionals and other key stakeholders adds great value to a leader’s ability to deliver to the electorate.

Makueni county has immensely benefited from devolution largely because Prof Kibwana has a well-structured model for involving the people from the village level all the way to the cabinet.

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Gleaning ideas from all the different levels of public participation ensure that he has been able to have a good pool of ideas and development priorities from which he came up with what is in the best interest of the people.

He will exit his office with his head high hopefully into a better future like cabinet Secretary in the next government, although he is said to have presidential ambitions which might be a big blow to his future endeavors.

The reason Many governors in Kenya have failed or are failing is to do with the simplicity and how they present themselves to electorates, ” The know everything mentality //” attitude has been the major problem addressing the day to day challenges,


In ukambani, the biggest problem is water, hunger, poverty, unexploited mineral resources, poor infrastructure, the needs to adopt workable and exclusivity model in order to minimize negative energy among key players.

Knowing problems is one thing, but designing appropriate strategies to address them is a different ball game altogether. That’s where LEADERSHIP meets PROFESSIONALISM.

It calls for well-thought-out projects and programs that are well implemented to achieve the desired goals. In Kitui Ndengu project has been cited as the well thought out project which was poorly delivered and whose wealth creation agenda badly flopped. Kitui former minister said.

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The county government advisory team are bubbling with useful ideas as Prof PLO would say. And these ideas can greatly improve the socio-economic fortunes of our county whether it is honey, mango or ndengu value chain.

But will there be necessary financial, policy and political support to these and other guys to ensure professionalism is infused in the project implementation beyond the usual hype we don’t know?