Reasons Why Esther Ndile Will Trounce Her Non Performing Opponents In August



Hon Ndile is giving these 3 non-performers sleepless nights to the point they are releasing fake polls all over. 

Get These Nutshell Facts Correct About Each  Aspirant & Judge For Yourself 

1.  IRENE KASALU ( Catwalk Queen)

1.  Zero track record and no impact recorded these last 5 years. She is always booed by kituians in any place she goes especially in recent times when attempting to come back to the ground after disappearing to Nairobi since clinching the seat. Nobody wants anything to do with the incumbent including her party, increasing internal wars with other wiper leaders. 

2. She is a pathetic performer in all cohorts of development and the incumbent is hanging by the thread especially due to her dismall performance.

3. Latest reports by Mzalendo organisation – the official tracker of mps and monitors their performance while acting as an online Hansard for MPs has ranked her as the poorest performing MP who has spoken nothing on the floor of the August House since her election as Kitui Women Rep. She was elected largely due to her looks and not for her mettle as a leader.

4. Kasalu remains an alien to the people of Kitui County who elected her hoping for sustainable development but got innuendos and catwalk parades. Most of the electorate have never met the Kitui Women Rep five years down the line.


1. Jane KIBATI has contested the women rep seat twice and lost both times badly  thus making her very irrelevant to kituians and can never hope to clinch the seat. 

2. She was also hounded out of Governor Kaluki Ngilu’s inner circle and she is now a political liability with no hope of capturing any seat in Kitui County. 

3. In these ten years of contesting, She has no strategies and has been relegated to the political dustbin. She ranks as a professional contestant who must run & lose every 5 years.


1. PENINAH MALONZA was also hounded out of Malombes Government as Deputy Governor and never even completed her term. 

2. With zero leadership experience & lack of confidence due to the issue with former governor’s administration, She has absolutely no chances in the current political realm. Her incompetence stinks to the high heavens. 

3. Nobody knows her outside her hometown, Kitui South. No programs, no projects by Peninah yet even though we are 4 months to the D-day. She is just running to keep her name relevant hoping for a free job like last time but it will not happen.


Sorry, but Who is this again?

Maybe start at MCA level in your home ward for us to first familiarise with you as a person – Don’t bite too much yet. 


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