Kitui Philanthropist Sila Sponsored Over Needy 100 Students This Quarter


Towering Kitui philanthropist, politician and Kitui Senatorial candidate for 2022 Hon. Allan Sila sponsored over 100 students this quarter, according to Joysila Foundation.

Speaking to The COUNTY DIARY, officials at the Foundation confirmed that the organization is escalating and racheting up it’s programs across Kitui.

“Today I will not speak about what Joysila Foundation is doing for Youths, Women and Children in Kitui.

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I will speak rather about the myriad reasons why i can not ignore the plight of our needy but bright students who can not join Secondary schools because they lack fees. Therefore, my staff has been scouring social media and tracking such needy appeals from Ikutha to Tseikuru in Mwingi North” said Hon. Allan Sila the Joysila Foundation President.

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Meanwhile Allan Sila, the suave, approachable and charismatic regional petroleum magnate is expected to floor the incumbent senator whose poor development and oversight record has been wanting since his unpopular election, our sources said.

“He has been accused of poor oversight and failing to keep the Kitui County Government on check – not to mention his corruption laden goat Auctions that have fleeced Kitui farmers thousands of shillings” said our political source.