Kitui Pastor Arrested in connection with preying on school Girls



By our reporters

Update on Hunt on Male Predators Preying on School Girls

A pst in madera has been arrested in connection with preying on a school girl in kitui county.

Kitui national youth council chair person aggrey Nzomo has thanked the county commisioner mr Samuel kimiti for his efforts to crack down the predators across the country.

“I take this opportunity to thank the Kitui County Commissioner’s office and the Police for the urgency in which they are dealing with defilement cases and the issue of male predators who are impregnating school girls at will. Nzomo said.

In the last one month alone, 17 male predators have been arrested and are facing the law in various courts in Kitui. And the hunt still continues.

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From November last year, we have been tracking a male predator from Nuu Ward, who eloped with a girl aged 17 years old. The predator is aged 48 years, is married and has children attending high school.

The girl, a form two student at Wingemi Secondary Schoolhas never reported back to school after the holidays.

The man, one Mativo Kithome (who is allegedly a pastor with a popular ministry in Kitui), has been arrested today with the school girl and is now at Mandera Police Station Sadly, the girl is already 4 months pregnant.

The war is difficult, the enemy is sophisticated but we will defeat them.Aggrey Nzomo, added.

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