Mulango Vocational Training Center Holds 13th Graduation Ceremony fete

SKILLS, Friday, July 19, 2019


Kitui Officer speaks out about technical skills for youths
The Kitui County government needs all the youths in the county to acquire skills and that is why it pumps a great deal of money into the technical education in the county, a County Education, ICT and Youth Development Ministry official Hassan Charo has said.

“The government can’t put money into where there is no gains,” Charo, who is the Mutomo, Ikutha, Kisasi and Lower Yatta Districts Youth Training Officer, said. So let us continue supporting our vocational training centres in the county, he added.

He was speaking to the students, parents and instructors of the Mulango Vocational Training Centre in Katulani District of Kitui County during the institution’s 13thgraduation ceremony on Friday, July 12, 2019 where he was the chief guest at the function.

A total of 306 students-20 in carpentry, 41 in masonry, 103 in tailoring, 34 in electrical installation, 34 in welding, 36 in motor vehicle mechanics and 38 in hair dressing and beauty therapy graduated during the ceremony.

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Charo was representing the County Training and Skills Development Deputy Director Mathew Mutuku at the function. The area District Youth Training Officer Anderson Mwambua and who is also in charge of the Kitui Central, Mutitu, Kitui West, Matinyani, Nzambani and Mwingi West Districts, was at the Mutonguni Vocational Training Centre in Kitui West District where he was the chief guest during the institution’s graduation ceremony.

Charo lauded the Mulango Vocational Training Centre for its exemplary educational performance and leadership. “We hear of the Mulango Vocational Training Centre’s fame. It is a well-managed institution. We are pleased with the rising number of the institution’s students in Kitui County each year,” the official said.

The Mulango Vocational Training Centre is the one that always leads in terms of enrolment in Kitui County where the county currently has a total of 53 operational vocational training centres. The institution was started by the Mulango Location community in 1973 and is one of the oldest vocational training centres in Kenya.

The youth polytechnics-now the vocational training centres-were started in Kenya in 1968 by the National Council of Churches of Kenya (NCCK). Charo thanked the Mulango Vocational Training Centre Board of Management for their efforts towards progressing the institution.

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The youth training officer asked the graduands not to involve themselves in the activities that can interfere with their careers and future. “Don’t indulge in narcotic drugs. Avoid things that can send you to police cells. Avoid things that can send you to jail,” he told them.

In his speech, the Mulango Vocational Training Centre Manager, Joseph Muraya Kirira, congratulated the graduands. The thanked parents and the Kitui County government among others for their continued support to them (the institution). “The Mulango Vocational Training Centre is a very good school and I assure you that we continue providing you with the best results,” Kirira told the parents.

He disclosed that currently the institution has a total of 26 staff establishment who are 18 teaching staff members and eight non-teaching staff members. The BOM Chairman, Katiwa Kang’uli, who also addressed the occasion, announced that currently the institution has a total of more than 500 students.

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“In 2013, the enrolment was 250 students,” the chairman announced. Kang’uli talked about the discipline where he told the graduands that the discipline is very vital. “Any job you requires discipline,” he told them. And on discipline in the learning institutions, the chairman told parents that there is no BOM that can expel an innocent child from the school. “A child is expelled from the school because of indiscipline,” Kang’uli said.

He told vocational training centres students that the skills that they acquire from the institutions make them to be successful in their lives “because the technical education is a profession.”

“You are ahead of a Form Four school leaver who has no any skills. You are far after acquiring the skills,” the BOM leader told students. The normal education without skills can’t help a school leaver to get employment in the job market, Kang’uli added.

The area (Wikililye) Location Chief Eunice Kiema and her Assistant Chief Peter M.Kimanzi also addressed the event among others.