Kitui MPS Likely To Retain Their Seats If Status Quo Remains



Several members of Parliament drawn from Kitui County are likely to retain their seats if facts remain as they are.

As much as the population is yearning for a change of guard and leadership at the upcoming 13th Parliament, the competitors gunning for their seats are either below the par or perhaps the effect of the party will be of great primacy to the incumbent’s advantage, political pundits say.

One such member is Kitui South Member of Parliament Dr Racheal Kaki Nyamai.

Kaki will retain her seat for the third time in a row owing to her popularity and leadership prowess. Notably, she is currently controlling a good number of followers in the large Kitui South constituency.

Dislodging Mp Nyamai will not be a walk in the park, even as her competitors avoid this disturbing fact, to their chagrin.

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Mwingi West Member of Parliament Hon Charles Nguna has done more than his predecessors. This is a historical fact that can not be disputed – it will require a miracle to unseat him during the August polls.

His close association with his party leader Dr Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka and his continuous acknowledging of his leadership while launching Mwingi West National Government Constituency Development Funds projects will be a big boost during his campaigns.

Other legislators do not acknowledge their party boss when launching projects while always saying alluding to their strength, Wiper boss Dr Musyoka has disclosed at different functions in Kitui.

This apparent “Outshining of the boss will likely be their Waterloo at the hands of unpredictable Kitui electorates.

KITUI SENATOR ENOCH WAMBUA is a lucky man of the moment, he has placed himself as the number one defender of His Party leader Dr Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka in Ukambani, giving him a leeway to trounce his clueless opponents at the ballot.

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He has been termed as one of the ranking members of the party echelon asset and a ‘super senator”. Hon Kiio Wambua is destined to retain his seat if his competitors will continue to sleep on their campaign trail strategies.

Kitui Women representative Dr Irene Muthoni Kasalu is a good lady because she is not bad, she is reported to have gathered good money to vanquish and drive her competitors out of town!.

Several Kitui Women rep aspirants are said to be struggling to fund their campaigns. If facts remain as they are, she will be re-elected again.

Kitui East Bulldozer and so-called mafia are popularly known as (Mbaya Mbaya), his eminence Hon Nimrod Mbai is likely to come back through thick and thin, his sole competitor Hon Kitute will have to do a lot of homework and groundwork to unseat this towering hulk of a politician who seems to take no prisoners in his highly charged speeches.

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Mbai can lock Lower Kitui East to his advantage, the upper Kitui East will always divide their votes since they always field many aspirants, to their disadvantage.

Finally, Mwingi North Mp Eng Nzengu’s fate lies with the Wiper party boss, but he has worked more than his immediate predecessor. If he gets endorsed by the Wiper boss, no doubt he will retain his seat.

Last but not least is the fire breathing Mwingi Central MP Gideon MULYUNGI. The first-term MP development record is enviable to many and as things stand, the Tsunami whirlwind will scatter his opponents like chaff in the wind.