Kitui Mpesa Shops Targeted By Armed Criminals


Business people in Kitui town who owns Mpesa shops are now crying upon the state to beef up the security within the CBD area, this comes after a businessman was robbed by armed criminals on Friday evening and stole over 600K at gunpoint.

Some times mid-April a taxi driver was shot dead outside Mpesa shop at Kitui bus park up to today no arrests have been made according to business people who spoke to media.

The Mpesa shop seems to be the main target of the armed criminals who have continued to wreak havoc.

Speaking to agencies at his office the director of Vanix ventures shop Mr. Elija Osolo narrated how he was trailed by unknown people who were on a motorbike and on his gate they accosted him at gunpoint and took away cash, Airtime, sin cards estimated to be over 600k.

Last week An Mpesa shop Near Eglos, the armed gang stormed the shop and took away 40k cash at gunpoint.

The same week Computex Mpesa shop in Kitui town lost over 300k from the armed gangster at a gunpoint.

Business people are calling the county government, and individuals shop owners to install CCTV cameras for the purpose of monitoring their shops.

They have also called upon to state to arrest the armed criminal who has been terrorizing the people, from the look of things there seem to be armed criminals in Kitui town, the police have been asked to intensify operation