Kitui MINORITY leader Alex Nganga LAUDS Raila Odinga for Uniting the Country


Kitui Minority Leader Hon Alex Nganga has commended Raila Odinga for Uniting the country through hand shake with President Uhuru kenyatta, The COUNTY DIARY Reports.

“taping on good governance and peaceful coexistence in the Country, majorly touching on the statesmen in power”.

“If you want to make peace with your enemy, you have to work with your enemy then he becomes your partner’ I embrace the Mandela Moment” Kitui County Assembly Minority Leader Hon. Alex Nganga Adores Raila Odinga legacy”

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Hon.Nganga’s compliments towards Raila Odinga come few days after Jubilee Vice Chairman, David Murathe proposed Raila’s 2022 presidential candidature. Raila, a rare political character in Africa, is described as a leader who has for long sacrificed his time and life to save this country.

The spirit of handshake, that was done by statesmen Raila Odinga and Uhuru Kenyatta would revive the Kenya’s lost economy glory and that’s one of the reasons as to why Raila equals to the South Africa’s Nelson Mandela.


On his hand, Hon.Nganga urged all political divides in the country to come together and deliver towards a common goal of uniting the country & indulge in democracy.