Kitui Ministry of Health and Sanitation roll Out Covid-19 vaccine



On Wednesday 10th, March 2021- The Kitui county ministry of Health and Sanitation roll-out the administering of AstraZeneca-Oxford Vaccine (Covid-19) to its health workers at the Kitui County Referral Hospital.

Speaking during the launch of the exercise the Kitui deputy governor Dr Wathe Nzau urged all Kitui health workers to be vaccinated so that they can enhance their body immunity against the virus.

“I encourage you, health workers, to be vaccinated so that you can gain protection to enable you to continue offering your services to the residents of Kitui county,” he said.

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He also added that the current administration is proud and appreciates all health workers across the county for their bold spirited fight against the pandemic.

The county CECM for Sanitation and Health Dr Winnie Kitute while addressing health workers, immediately after receiving the vaccine said the exercise is expected to cover all health workers across the county and the exercise will be cascaded to all level4 hospital, private hospitals and faith-based hospital across the county.

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“Today as we launch this exercise the ministry expects to vaccinate 1780 health workers in various cadres across the county and I urge all health workers to be vaccinated because you are the front lines in the fight against the pandemic,” Dr Winie Kitetu said.