Kitui Minister dismisses Fake News in Circulation


The Minister in Charge of Youth Development and ICT in Kitui County Dr David Kivoto has dismissed Fake News reports circulating on social media laced with allegations that he had hitherto resigned saying it’s not true, the COUNTY DIARY can now authoritatively report.

“Take it from me! I have not resigned. These Fake News are malicious, sarcastic and untrue. They are meant to paint me in a bad light” said the minister.

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Speaking to COUNTY DIARY, the minister said he was dictating a report in the office and was surprised by Fake News in circulation.

I was taken aback. These Fake reports are being advanced by the critics of the Kitui County government. I am unmoved and unbowed by evil” he said.

The Executive Member reiterated his unequivocal support to his able boss Governor Kaluki Ngilu and affirmed his commitment towards working for the betterment of the electorate whilst interpreting the dream of the Governor to the people.

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“Ignore the rumours, cast them to the dustbin! The Ngilu Administration is as strong as the Egyptian Sphinx and we are committed under the leadership of Governor Ngilu to deliver services to the people of Kitui” Waziri added.