Kitui MCAs suffer blow as Efforts to impeach CECM Treasury halted.


By our Reporter

In a bid to settle political scores, members of the Kitui County Assembly moved to irregularly and unprocedurally impeach the CECM Treasury in blatant abuse of the Constitution, County Government Act and their own standing orders, With calls to the constitutional bodies to tame MCAs who keep threatening Governors across the country with Impeachment Motions should the county boses fail to sing their Tune.

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To safeguard her rights, the CECM Treasury through her legal team led by Peter Wanyama and Maina Ngaruiya filed a Constitutional Petition to espouse her predicament in the hands of individuals who are propelled by no more than political witch-hunt and malice.

The no nonsense judge, Justice Odinga, after carefully considering the Petition and in the presence of County Assembly lawyers issued orders stopping the County Assembly from proceeding with any processes aimed at impeaching the CEC Treasury.

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In a clear expouse of abuse of county assembly “oversight” excesses, the Select committee had invited the CECM to a sitting to defend herself against unspecified generalities next week on Monday at 9.00 am.