Kitui MCAs Halt the Idea of Impeaching the SPEAKER to Focus on Service delivery



The great Members of the Kitui County Assembly have resolved to stop the Impeachment process of the Speaker hon Kevin Kinengo so that they can Concentrate on Important County Matters as citizens laud them for their great resolve.

The impeachment process had threatened to halt the smooth operation in the two arms of government, the Netizens have lauded ward legislators for their great resolve.

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The MCAs have resolved to hold off to concentrate on their Priorities instead of pursuing personal feuds and rivalry at the expense of the big picture when the electorate is waiting for the service delivery from CLIDP projects.

When two bulls fight the grass (electorate) will always suffer, the Majority of MCAs have vowed to support the speaker and the governor so that service delivery of development at the smallest village unit is not affected.

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Impeaching the speaker cannot be our assembly priority, we have more important issues to address, An MCA told the TCD DIGIAL press.

The voter out there is waiting for the development, and the small administrative issues will be solved sooner than later. MCA added.

Our focus now is to make sure Governor Malombe delivers as we offer our core mandate of legislation, oversight, and representation of our people.

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Over twenty-five, Members had signed the impeachment documents to have the processes commence, but the idea has been halted so that the legislators do not get distracted by unnecessary legal battles at the expense of service delivery.

The whole idea of Checking the speaker was to stop his popularity and escalated networks from the national Government.

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