Kitui: MCA Kitheka flexes his Political Muscle, wins Banquets as Colourless & formless Competitors wail like wounded Buffalo



Matinyani Member of county assembly and deputy Minority leader hon Sylvester Munyao Kitheka has continued to win banquets of acknowledgement from voters and leaders across kitui county.

The Narc MCA is a sleek, suave and development-oriented leader whose performance on the floor of the house and outside has been lauded by both critics and his competitors.

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Hon Kitheka is a politician of repute, he is among top members of the county assembly whose reelection is almost certain, he has close ties with kitui Governor Charity Ngilu.

“He is a mature and very sober politician in kitui west whose rapport with all people of different cadre is above reproach. He ostensibly the sure bet for Matinyani ward. Dislodging the strong man will not be a cup of tea, according to the local political pundit.

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MCA Kitheka continues to win banquets of praise from netizens over his visibility and during the development meeting in kitui west, he attracts friends and foes with equal measure, He is suave, assertive, humorous, eloquent and commands a fanatic following inside kitui west constituency spheres.