Kitui MCA Dismiss Dr Mutua,Urge Him to get life


Kitui Member of county Assembly for Kauwi ward in kitui West Hon Jane Mutua has dismissed Machakos Governor Alfred Mutau as an attention seeker.

A cry baby who cries like small girl akichapwa na mama yake akivuja kikombe ya chai, No one should take him serious by all standards, he is just looking for a cheap publicity, Wiper MCA Has said

“”Dr Ruto to Mutua is just like using a 10kg hummer (kivui) to kill a Mosquito fly not worthy at all, Mutua is an attention seeker, MCA hon Mutua has Said”

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Hon Jane Mutua is the only County member of assembly in kitui who takes the bull by it’s horns on behalf of the wiper Movement party.

We the people of Kitui do not have any problem with Hon Duale, Senator Murkomen and the Deputy President Dr William Ruto!

Let those who are being used by Mutua to avoid distraught malicious statements on behalf of Kitui and Kamba people in general, tough speaking MCA added.

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The less than twenty-five youths in a five minute Demo was paid for the Show in support of Dr Mutua ! If left unchecked Mutua will totally lose political relevance and will be mistaken with a public joker! MCA Jane Added.

He is potentially very far from being a threat to the Dp and so why would he be killed? Now pacesetters can bring the BBi in any version but eventually the hustler from the rift will carry the banner!

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The man from the lake region has been accused of dictatorship in his former alliances and use and throw tactics! He does not consult his allies and has a history of betrayal on political pacts and agreements!.

The fearless Kauwi member of assembly Hon Jane Mutua has dared those who will fight the party leader to stop it, failure to which they will face the wrath of the people.