CMMB Joins Kitui Marks World Prematurity day in Ikanga Stadium



The world prematurity day was 24th November, 2022 Marked in a colourful ceremony that was attended by hundreds of Community Kitui County Heath volunteers in Ikanga stadium.

The World prematurity day is a global movement to raise awareness of premature birth and the sometimes-devastating impact it can have on families Burden of Preterm Births..

Kitui Deputy Governor Augustine Kanani represented Governor Dr Julius Malombe at an event to mark the World Prematurity Day at Ikanga Stadium in Ikanga/Kyatune Ward of Kitui South Sub County..

Christine sammy the County Neonatal and Child Health Coordinator paraded some of the Champion of kitui County who have benefited with established Kagaroo Mother care.

World Prematurity day is a global movement which raises awareness of premature birth and sometimes the devastating impact it has on families.

The event is sponsored by The event sponsored by PATH. Catholic Medical Mission Board(CMMB) and World Bicycle Relief Organization in partnership with the Kitui County Government.

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Present was outgoing CECS Dr Winnie Kitetu(Health. & Sanitation), Emmanuel Kisangau (Agriculture, Water and Livestock Development) and Stephen Maithya (Infrastructure and Urban Development), Dr Richard Muthoka (National Ministry of Health) and a good number of Kitui County MCAs led by the local MCA Hon Cyrus Musyoka.

Mutha ward MCA Hon Dominic Mwamisi reiterated the assembly Commitment to work with Governor Malombe. the MCA asked the Governor to upgrade Mutha health Center to Level four Hospital.

The Event was attended by Dr James Kisia the Country Director of CMMB, among the partners was Kitui County Goverment , Word Vision , The National Council of Churches of Kenya, and PATH.

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In Kenya, the preterm birth rate is 12% translating to 193,000 babies being born premature each year and 13,300 children under five die due to direct preterm complications, the TCD Digital reports.

Nearly 85% of preterm babies are born between 32- and 37- weeks’ gestation and most of these babies do notneed intensive care to survive. In Kitui county, 33.5% of all neonatal deaths (0-28 days) were due to prematurity in 2021. This is above the national proportion of 33.0%.

Solutions to improve the survival and health of vulnerable preterm and low birth weight include Early Essential Newborn Care (drying, warming, immediate and exclusive breastfeeding, hygiene, and cord care) as well as basic care for feeding support, infections and breathing difficulties. Common causes of preterm birth include- Multiple pregnancies

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Causes/risk factors Infections and chronic conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure.

There could also be genetic influence Low or high maternal age Prevention measures.See your doctor early and regularly in your pregnancy for prenatal care.

Take care of any health problems, like diabetes, high blood pressure or depression Don’t smoke, drink or use illegal drugs during pregnancy, Don’t use street drugs and avoid misuse of prescriptions.

Eat a balanced diet with foods containing iron and folic acid eg eggs, beans, dark green heavy vegetables, red meat and fish.

Over 150 bike worth 3M were donated to IKANGA CHVs