Kitui Majority Leader Peter Kilonzo Calls for a Peaceful campaigns



Kitui County Assembly Majority Leader hon Peter Mwikya Kilonzo has called for peaceful and friendly campaigns ahead of the 9th August 2022 polls.

Speaking to the Media outside the Kitui Multi-purpose hall, in an event organised by IEBC, Tangawizi asked politicians to abide by the IEBC CODE Of conduct as they embark on their vigorous campaigns in their respective areas.

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Hon Tangawizi is the serving Athi Ward Member of the kitui County assembly and the powerful Majority leader whose contribution in the assembly chambers and outside the house baffles both foes and friends.

The meeting was convened and organized by Kitui County IEBC Office, to brief the Aspirants on election offences and electoral timeliness on Candidates’ registration, at Kitui Multi-Purpose premises.

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Among the leaders present were kitui Governor Charity Ngilu, former kitui senator Hon David Musila, former Governor Dr Julius Malombe, Kitui County MP Hon Dr Irene Kasalu, Kitui DG Dr Wathe Nzau, Kitui Central MP Hon Makali Mulu, Former Kitui DG Hon Peninnah Malonza and Former Nairobi DG Hon Mueke, among other Senatorial, MP and MCA Aspirants.

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The event is graced by Kitui County Returning Officer Dr Gichichi Macharia(PhD) and other Kitui County IEBC officials.

According to the political pundits, Dislodging MCA Tangawizi from his seat has been termed an ‘Impossible Mission in Athi ward” his colourless and formless village leaders continue to lose their balls.

The indomitable and unstoppable MCA whose political star continues to shine is destined to retain his seat with a huge margin.