Kitui Local Made Leather Balls Hit The Market as Ngilu CONVERTS County Into Manufacturing Zone



Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu has converted Kitui County from an endless Consumers County into a Manufacturing county, the COUNTY DIARY has reliably learnt.

The Governor has continued to win banquet of praise from netizens for putting Kitui into the national Map.

Kitui County is placing increased focus on manufacturing to drive the local growth, and create jobs for the youth and women.

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The turn around in local production comes about as a transforming prospective that will see the county become a key driver in the journey to realizing the “Buy Kitui, Build Kitui” dream, Governor has Said.

The county has recently been able to excel in the apparel sector, non-pharmaceutical products and now balls.

The leather products are of high quality and are available for schools, football clubs, individuals and other entities willing to buy.

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The quality balls are currently available at the county headquarters for sale, soon they will hit all the local markets in Kenya .

Already, several clients have acquired the leather balls for different tournaments and other sporting activities and needs.

The balls have been officially tested and found to be in compliance with specific technical requirements for the same.