Kitui launches Rapid County Action plan to prevent and counter Violent Extremists


By county diary

Security begins with you

The security multi agency in charge anti-terrorism and violent center in partnership with The county government of Kitui is working On a model to prevent the violent extremist in Kitui county.

The three-day workshop by NCTC which brings on board the top county government officers led by deputy governor Dr Wathe Nzau, Deputy speaker Hon emeritus Kasee Musya, Minister in charge of youth development David Kitovo, NCTC facilitators, Kitui security team led by ag county commissioner Mr Ole Chuta, Seeks to create awareness and a workable strategy in addressing the emerging terror extremist in the country, The Multi-agency is working with all counties in Kenya to prevent the growing concerns on the violent extremist in Kenya.

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The participants anonymously agreed to form a committee which will be co-chaired by the Governor charity Ngilu together with the county commissioner, members will be the entire top security team, Mainstream media practitioners and influential bloggers and all selected stakeholders in Kitui county.

The team will be responsible for mapping all critical stakeholders, their roles and their mandate, the selected team will be trained by NCTC resource person at the end of the year, for capacity building And for proper dissemination of sensitive information to the public.

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The multi-agency be trained the community P/CVE on the best way to handle the extremist by availing the necessary information to the authorities so that the violent extremist can be disoriented.

Kitui deputy speaker hon emeritus Kasee musya making his remarks during the workshop at Parkside villa on 18th June 2019 where he pledged to mobilize the county assembly house to support the ideas and have the relevant legislation to support it.

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Deputy Governor Dr wathe Nzau flagged by Mr Njenga Miiri, Kitui minister in charge of tourism sports and culture hon Patrick Koki Musau.