Kitui: Kyalo Muli Shotlisted to run for the Office of Speaker



DECORATED Business Mugul Mr Kyalo Muli has been cleared and shortlisted to run for the office of the speaker.

The election of the speaker will be held tomorrow Wednesday 21st September at the assembly chamber .

Hon. Kyalo Muli is renowned business man who have taught music globally for over 20 years, has worked and studied in Italy, England, Switzerland, the USA among others, and for the last 14 years been based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates?.

Did you also know that apart from being an alumni of the prestigious Starehe Boys Centre Hon Kyalo Muli is a business mogul who runs an international business consultancy firm that is famed for bringing major investors to Kenya?.

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Well, here is a brief profile of the man who is expected to clinch the lucrative Kitui Speaker’s position.

Family Background.

Hon. Muli hails from Kitui Central and in his childhood was a Sunday School leader.
He is happily married with one daughter who is currently pursuing Law in Dubai.


Hon. Kyalo Muli is an allumni of Starehe Boys Center and has a record of accomplishments in the annals of history of the school.
He has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Education from the Kenyatta University.
He did his MBA in Dubai.

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He is a reknown global music teacher with an experience spanning over 20 years.
A go-getter businessman, Kyalo owns a major events company in Dubai, UAE.

He runs a giant logistics company based in Dubai.
He owns and runs an international business consultancy firm that is famed for bringing major investors to his home country – Kenya.

Posessing skills that endear him to friends from within and without, Kyalo is the Diaspora agent for Investment and Mortgage bank (I&M)
He Has been into international meat business for 6 years, exporting goat meat to Dubai and the UAE.

He also runs a real estate consultancy firm in Dubai.
He is into the restaurants and hospitality businesses in Kenya.
He owns a major security firm in Kenya.

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And last but not least, the incoming Speaker of the Kitui County Assembly owns a water purification and bottling company in Kenya


Best and sustainable welfare for the Kitui County Honorable MCAs.
Effective and all-inclusive assembly leadership for all Honorable Members
Ensure excellent performance of the statutory duty of Legislation, Oversight and Representation without fear or favor.

Ensure smooth and reproductive cooperation between the Assembly and the Executive.

With over 30 years of experience in Management and Administration, International Relations, and Business Consultancy; HON. KYALO MULI is without doubt the MCAs’ most prefered candidate for the Kitui County Assembly Speaker position!