Striking Health Workers In Illegal Go Slow Over Salaries, Cripple Kitui Hospitals


Health Workers participating on the industrial action risk disciplinary actions for participating in an illegal strike, Top official confirmes

Kitui health facilities are facing a looming shutdown, after workers on Monday down their tools protesting over the delay of salaries and wages,

The county government employees led by Union officials have vowed not to go back to their working places until they receive their salary which has delayed for the last two months The COUNTY DIARY can report

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The standoff between national assembly and senate has negatively affected the smooth running of counties across the country, Private clinics across the country continued to reap big following the stand off.

“After deliberations between the members and their Union (KMPDU), it was agreed that due to inability to cater for costs to get them to work i.e food, transport and even rent for two months, they have vowed not to go to work and instead seek alternatives to be able to survive official said.

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Patients have been advised to seek medical services from private clinics until the government sorts out the remuneration and wages.

We have dismissed all patients in the wards and med sup has closed kitui level 4 officially until further notice, an official said.

“kitui Chief Officer in charge of health and sanitation Dr Richard Mukula Muthoka has denied the assertion saying all the health centers across the county are open and the government is working tirelessly to have the workers get their monthly payments