Kitui Gubernatorial Candidates To Face More Hurdles To Send Ngilu Home



Why Dethroning Kitui Governor Charity Kaluki Ngilu Will Not Be a Cup Of Tea In 2022.

OPINION: As Kitui political heavy weights continue to hold secret and strategic meetings in order to send Governor Ngilu home in the next general election – majority are in the opinion that dethroning Ngilu will not be a walk in the park.

According to Kitui political analysts, making Ngilu a one-time Governor will require more than lip service, an elaborate strategy and deep pockets.

Ngilu, an experienced political animal, is a monied political mogul and equally close to Wiper leader unlike other candidates.

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She knows how to strategically play her cards, has the connection at the national level, she is at the center BBI politics unlike her nondescript competitors.

Ngilu’s closeness to Wiper boss Dr Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka is causing political jiltery within Wiper top leadership and is complicating the Wiper gubernatorial matrix ahead of the next General Elections.

Equally, the decorated administrator Hon David Musila is also a seasoned political animal. Bwana Meko controls the larger Mwingi political basket more than any other candidate in Kitui county.

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Some sections of wiper top brass want David Musila to be given direct gubernatorial wiper ticket to compete with Governor Ngilu, other says he must be subjected to rigorous wiper prelimaries against Dr Julius Malombe and Ambassador Kiema.

Kitui former Governor Dr Julius Makau Malombe enjoys a superb working rapport with Kalonzo Musyoka and he is very loyal to Wiper Leader, loyalty in politics is every thing, he is likely to beat both Hon Musila and Ambassador Kiema in wiper preliminaries. But beating Ngilu at the ballot with be uphill battle.

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“If David Musila gets wiper certificate and all wiper gubernatorial losers chose to back him, Wiper will give Ngilu a run after a Money” Muli told our reporters.

Photo file: Kitui former Governor Dr Julius Malombe , Candidate 2022
Photo file: Kitui former Senator hon David Musila, candidate for 2022.
Photo courtesy: Ambassador Kiema kilonzo , candidate 2022.
Photo file: Nairobi former Deputy Governor Dr Jonathan Mueke , candidate 2022.