Kitui Governor Ngilu Regrets Supporting Kalonzo


By our reporter.

Kitui county governor Charity Ngilu now regrets supporting Wiper leader Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka during the 2017 NASA Presidential campaigns. She cites that since then Kalonzo has been sabotaging her. In an presser today in her office, Ngilu blamed Kalonzo for the unending wrangles between the executive and county assembly wing where Wiper dominates.

Last month the county assembly also rejected county public service board nominees citing lack of relevant educational background as the key element that barred all the six Ngilu nominees. In such the county government was unable to employ 238 heath care workers following the directive by President Uhuru Kenyatta for all counties to employ extra medics to boost Coronavirus war in the counties.

This comes a day after the county assembly passed the long pend supplementary budget which Ngilu says came too late for her to execute. “Kalonzo made a phone call and ordered his Wiper members to pass the supplementary budget and they did. We are at end month May, yet by June we are supposed to be done with all procurement procedures for projects to be implemented, but that can’t happen since its already late”, she said.


“This means that kitui county electorates will continue to suffer if people whom we were elected together have to get permission from their party leader first before making any decision”, she bitterly said.

While recalling governor Kivutha Kibwana and Alfred Mutua tribulations (Makueni and Machakos county respectively) in their first term as governors which saw Makueni county almost dissolved and Kivutha exiting Wiper party.

Ngilu floored wiper candidate also outgoing governor Julius Malombe in the 2017 general elections where the then Kitui county senator David Musila came second and Malombe third. Ngilu has decried hard times working with the Wiper county assembly members who first seek orders from Kalonzo who in turn frustrates her development agenda with the aim to see her off come 2022 by making sure she has delivered nothing to the electorates worth her reelection.

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Ngilu warned that Kitui people may never realise any development with the continued standoff between the two wings of the government.”We all know what Mutua and Kivutha, the same is happening to me and Kalonzo thinks by doing so I will go down easily, but it’s our people who will suffer and not me”, said Ngilu.

“We have created more than 1000 job opportunities for our people here in Kitui but we can do nothing about it, we can’t even replace retirees, we have to rethink about this Wiper party, is it there to help or dwindle any efforts made to improve the livelihoods of Kitui people”, she said.

Asked her opinion in the current national political alignments witnessed across the country Ngilu said that herself, together with Makueni and Machakos counterparts will collectively represent the Kamba community in the negotiation table with government more so on matters of development.

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“We want leaders who understand development Kalonzo has for long claimed to be our kingpin but that is long gone, kingpin means showing us what you have achieved so far and your capacity as well, not rooting for personal interest forgetting the whole community”, she added.

“A time comes where one has to make hard decisions and it is now, you can take people for granted for so long but people can also rise, I never imagined with the support I gave to Kalonzo Musyoka when we were campaigning with Raila, I never knew he would later treat me the way he is”, Ngilu regretted.

Nonetheless, she invited the Wiper leader for a dialogue to restore the lost unity in the three Eastern counties. Wiper and KANU have already entered an agreement with the ruling party Jubilee, headed by President Uhuru Kenyatta.