Kitui: Global opportunities Beckons for youth Generation


Photo By county governors Press Service. On Wednesday, May 5, 2021- kitui Governor Charity Ngilu revealed Global opportunities for  Kitui Youth after meeting investors.

kitui’s boss charity kaluki Ngilu on Wednesday afternoon met with  SEKEB CEO, Ms. Faith Muthoki who paid a courtesy call to her office on Wednesday afternoon.

Accompanied by John Musau Koki, Founder of the Global Classroom Exchange institute, Dr. Brad MacLaughlin, Global Classroom Exchange Chief learning Officer, and Ms. Faith Koki, operations Manager Digloso, the meeting intended to highlight possible avenues of collaboration between the County Government of Kitui and the Global classroom exchange institute based in the United States of America, USA.

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Upon ratification of a working arrangement, the Global Classroom Exchange institution seeks to engage Kitui youth in programs that will see them share experiences, collaborate in gainful projects across the globe as they also learn new skills and emerging global trends; in line with Governor Ngilu’s 5 Pillar Manifesto.