Kitui Gets Extra 1.5B as Ngilu Leads Citizens In Saluting Senator Wambua


On Thursday, 17th, 2020 – Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu led residents in saluting Kitui senator Enoch wambua and the entire senate for standing with kenyans and fighting for more resources to Counties.

This Comes after Senate passed the proposed third basis revenue sharing formula after a record 10 failed attempts to reach a consensus, the COUNTY DIARY Reports.

Kitui Governor charity, photo file

The Senate unanimously voted to adopt the formula a few hours after the special Senate Committee announced an end to the impasse.

The proposed formula takes into account eight parameters; population at 18%, health 17% Agriculture 10%, Urban 5%, Roads 8%, Poverty level 14%, Basic share 20% and land at 8% consecutively.

The formula will see kitui get ADDITIONAL SH1.563 BILLION IN HISTORIC SENATE DEAL, kitui senator Wambua wrote on Kitui professional Chat.

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“Today is a big day for Kitui County. It is a big day for the Lower Eastern region. It is a big day for devolution. It is the day that the Lord has made for us to rejoice and be glad. The fight for more funds to counties has borne very good fruits”.

By God’s grace and the good fight I have fought alongside colleagues, Kitui County will get an additional Sh1.5b of equitable share each year for the next five years. So now we shall be getting more than Sh11b per year inequitable share. There will be adding billions of shillings from grants and own-source revenue.

This would have been unimaginable if I did not join, and provide leadership among my colleagues in TEAM KENYA to demand more funds to counties and to ensure that no county loses a single cent. My firm argument has always been that a loss for one county would have been a loss for devolution. Now each county is a winner!! God has done it for us.

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KITUI GOVERNOR, WROTE ~Well done Hon Senator Wambua and God bless you and your entire Team Kenya. Kindly also join me in not only spending the money but also creating more wealth for Kitui and jobs for our youth as this can form a good basis for capital

KITUI SENATOR WAMBUA WROTE, Thanks, Governor. There is now a strong financial base and an opportunity to do great things for our people. The increment we have got is enough to transform the lives of our people. And the fight for more resources will continue.

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If you are truly serious about working closely and openly with me (and all other elected leaders) to create jobs for the youth, deliver water to our people and improve healthcare in the next two years, I am ready. A unity of purpose for the express objective of diligent service devoid of sideshows and insults is welcome.

“The only rider is that you must expect me to continue carrying out my oversight responsibility as expressly stipulated in Article 96 of the Constitution of Kenya (2010). God bless you. God bless Kitui County”