KITUI Finance Chief Officer Lock Horns With Mbaki Mbaki Over Budget Estimates



  • On saturday the social media platform were awash with mixed reactions when Kitui financial Guru and finance chief officer Mr Enoch Nguthu took kitui former Assemby Minority leader Hon kisangau head on over financial estimates
Here are the key highlights from Hon kisangau


hon john kisangau , the former government business leader at the assembly having a chat with top government officers.

Any Budget estimates Presented to the county assembly for approval MUST conform with the approved County Fiscal strategy paper (CFSP).In that regard, I want to draw your attention to the following key concerns;- How was the assembly expected to handle cases of ministries that had surpassed their CFSP ceilings ?. Eg Health , Trade, Lands Infrastructre, Housing and Urban Development, Water, Agriculture & Livestock Development etc

  • How was the assembly expected to handle cases of ministries which had their budget estimates extremely below their CFSP ceilings?. Eg on Education, Enviroment , Tourism etc
  • i would like to draw your attention to the PFM Act 2012- 117 provides that County Treasury shall align its County Fiscal Strategy Paper with the national objectives in the Budget Policy Statement.
  • Further to the above, the PFM act also provides that the county government shall seek and take into account the views of,
  • Public
  • CRA
  • Any interested persons/groups
  • Any other forum that is established by legislation

Guided by the above

The County Assembly of Kitui, taking into account the views of the public, attached an annex-are of the proposed projects at the the village level derived from a public participation conducted by the county executive and were approved as part of the CFSP.

Further, PFM Act 2012 – 131 (3) provides that an amendment to the budget estimates may be made by the county assembly only if it is in accordance with the resolutions adopted regarding the County Fiscal Strategy Paper and if—

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(a) any increase in expenditure in a proposed appropriation, is balanced by a reduction in expenditure in another proposed appropriation; and

(b) any proposed reduction in expenditure is used to reduce the deficit.

On the 1% , The million dollar question is; between the PFM act and its regulations which is more superior? Noting our yearly county revenue allocation (CRA) and to ensure that the projections on local revenue collection were not overambitious the assembly also reduced/increased the budget estimates for ministries that had surpassed or had their budget grossly underestimated respectively. Projecting local revenue that can not be achieved has two consequences,

  1. Pending bills
  2. Disappointments as some of the budgeted projects won’t be implemented if at all the set targets will not be achieved.

Again the PFM Act 2012 125 g)
Provides that the county assembly shall enact an appropriation law and any other laws required to implement the county government’s budget, such MUST conform with the approved budget estimates.

The county assembly of kitui is on the right path. This blame game won’t take this county anywhere. We must interpret the law all round not just what favors any of the two arms of the government.

In addition , June salaries for all county government employees were factored in the last years financial 2018/19 budget and should have been paid on or before 30th June.

Lastly i refer you all to the attached circular from the Office of the Controller of Budget that makes it mandatory that all planning documents I.e,
CIDP, ADP, CFSP, CBROB , DMSP etc all approved by the county assembly accompany exchequer requests at the beginning of 2019/20 FY. Budgets must be implemented as APPROVED!.

Going forward , As county assembly we will deal ruthlessly with enemies of development in this County Government starting with CECM Finance Mary Nguli, CO finance Enock Nguthu and not to mention the fellows with river road degree certificates. Head must roll, Hon. JOHN KISANGAU posted on social media

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The chief officer took him head on.

CO Enock Finance: At least we shall have a chance to share knowledge in this ruthless dealings

MBaki Mbaki: Absolutely
CO Enock Finance: Welcome
CO Enock Finance: We need the venue and date
CO Enock Finance: My employer is the county government and the citizens off the county. Try , hard as it may, to understand the definition of a public servant.
MBaki Mbaki: Unfortunately you won’t be allowed by the honorable Speaker to access the floor.. Good night
Philip Muasya: Yes waziri is free to give her opinion/stand, even from the diaspora!
CO Enock Finance: Speaker tena! Will there be a problem with me being heard!! In any hearing one must be heard. Anyway, I’m still trying to understand what being dealt with ruthlessly means. Let’s wait and see.
MBaki Mbaki: Remember i am in the same government you’re serving.
CO Enock Finance: Here you are an individual. I serve the government collectively. Be guided.
Philip Muasya: I’m getting the feeling that the CE prepared defective budget estimates that couldn’t see light of the day! At least that’s what’s Hon Members are saying. Above provided ceilings, below ceilings etc.
MBaki Mbaki: I am addresssing you as a representative of 45,000 residents of kwa Vonza Yatta Ward.

Remind me who you’re talking on behalf ?.
CO Enock Finance: Ha haaaaa. What a joke. I work for all. County citizens spreading from all the 8 subcounties. I found it wise to offer my services to the entire county and not confirm myself to a small ward of my birth.
MBaki Mbaki: I am yet to pull the trigger.

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And i am not that guy you can approach with you looted cash.

Trade carefully
Philip Muasya: I’m also getting the feeling that this tussle is also about ego.
CO Enock Finance: May be u don’t know the size of your opponent. Pull your small trigger. Anytine
MBaki Mbaki: Thank you!.
Let’s do this
CO Enock Finance: Never , ever imagine u can threaten me. I’m very sorry.
MBaki Mbaki: Sorry if you feel threatened.
[7/21, 00:18] CO Enock Finance: Good ur unable to understand threatening language
MBaki Mbaki: Not just that … I am also unable to understand whether you’re sober.
[7/21, 00:21] CO Enock Finance: It might just be right that I should not be sober so as to be at your level.
MBaki Mbaki: Well ..
enjoy your drink. Bye
CO Enock Finance: And the word you are looking for here is surely not trade!
CO Enock Finance: Try tread
Philip Muasya: I’m sure by now u know u are engaging the leader of government business in the House. Should u be hauled in the house for grilling, do u think he will stand with/by you?
CO Enock Finance: Ever heard of the word respect? That’s what matters to me.
Philip Muasya: On this let me sullenda. Mnajuana Kwa vilemba
CO Enock Finance: Good nite
MBaki Mbaki: 1 John 1:9

If we confess our sins, He is faithful and righteous to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness (looting).
Philip Muasya: My advice to the County Assembly “let your plans be dark and impenetrable as night, and when u move, fall like a thunderbolt” straight from the Art of War

Kitui financial Guru at the treasury Mr Enoch Nguthu ,The chief officer embroiled in a tussle with kwa vonza member of county assembly over budget estimates