Kitui Environmental Conservationists Plant about 1,700 trees at Tiva Primary School



TREES: On Wednesday 13th January, 2021 – The Kitui County Environment Committee members planted about 1,700 trees at the Tiva Primary School in Kyangwithya Location of Kitui Central sub county, in Kitui County.

The committee members include the Kenya Forestry Research Institute, Kenya Forest Service, County Environment and Natural Resources Ministry, Wildlife Clubs of Kenya, Caritas Kitui, National Environment Management Authority, Kenya Water Towers Agency, Anglican Development Services Eastern, National Drought Management Authority and Water Resources Authority.

The County Environment Director Benjamin Musili Mukulo was the chief guest at the function.

In his speech, Mukulo said that the county ministry is fully committed to planting and conserving trees in the area for the good of the environmental conservation in the region.

The officer said the environmental conservation is a collective responsibility. And he called upon the local people to plant plenty of trees there to be able to achieve the 10 per cent forest cover in the county.

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Currently, Kitui County’s forest cover stands at seven per cent. And nationally, Kenya’s government requires to achieve the ten per cent country’s national forest cover and currently the country’s forest cover is 7.2 per cent.

Mukul, who had been accompanied by an official from his office, Eve Kitavi, said that climate change has come out of global warming.

The environmentalist announced that Kitui is among the five out of Kenya’s 47 counties that have embraced the climate and adaptation through the County Climate Change Funds.

The five are Kitui, Garissa, Wajir, Makueni and Isiolo, according to him. “Kitui County is among Kenya’s dry regions,” Mukulo added.

The expert disclosed that the county has a total of 282 forests that he said 265 are managed by the county government and 17 by the Kenya Forest Service.

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“In 2014, the county government came up with the County Charcoal Management Act for the benefits of the environmental protection,” the Kitui County Environment and Natural Resources Ministry official said.

And on his part, the Wildlife Clubs of Kenya Eastern Regional Education Officer, Moses Katumbi, announced that they (the club) are out to empower Kenyans with conservation knowledge for sustainability.

The region covers Kitui, Machakos and Makueni Counties with its headquarters in Kitui Town. “We the WCK provide education to the country’s youths and support wildlife clubs through training, information sharing and advocacy,” the officer added.

Learn to conserve for a better tomorrow is the club’s motto. “We have launched wildlife clubs in the Tiva Primary School some years back,” the WCK official announced.

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And he thanked the club’s members for taking care of the trees and the general environment at the learning institution.

Katumbi pledged to continue partnering with the school regarding environmental conservation activities. The KFS Kitui County Ecosystem Conservator Joyce Nthuku also addressed the occasion.

She said the trees in Kenya support so many sectors of the economy in the country. “Some 80 per cent of the electricity in the country is hydro-generated. The rivers come from forests.

Many human medicines are from trees. Without trees there are no animals,” the forester said. We use charcoal and wood among many others and they are from trees, the expert added.

Nthuku warned that no charcoal production and logging should be done in the government’s gazetted forests.