Kitui East Mp Insults Ngilu by Calling Her Queen of Municipality Cartel.


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Kitui East Member of Parliament hon Nimrod Mbithuka Mbai caused a stir on social media on Wednesday night on Kitui professional WhatsApp chat that comprises all devolved county leaders, The Mp said the county government fund allocations to sub counties Equal the amount of NG-CDF funds to all the Constituencies.1.The CGOK allocation to sub counties equals the amount of NG-CDF fund to all constituencies 2. 15 % of the National Budget distributed to all the Counties

Kitui County in 2018 Kitui County gets 9 Billion, Recurrent – 4b
Development – 5b “Kitui County
1. 8 Constituencies 2. 18 Sub- Counties 3. 40 Wards 3. 159 Locations, 4 Billion out of the 5 Billion of development budget goes to;1 and 0.5 of the 8 Constituencies, 4 out of the 18 Sub-counties, 8 out of the 40 wards 15 out of the 159 Locations “To the Queen of the Municipality Cartels…. Happy 2018. 2019 will not be business as usual, its either you give Ndee Nation her piece of Kitui County or Ndee Nation succeeds.Gen. John Garan’g D’Mabior –
“for Southern Sudan to get her piece of the cake, we have to succeed and to succeed, we choose to speak the only language Khartoum can hear,the mp said,
“His statement has not gone down well to the Governor’s Supporters the likes of Boniface mutungi who responded to the same measure by calling police to investigate the MP’s outburst,” Kitui has 8 Subcounties, I don’t know where you got those extra Subcounties and 18 Districts . The 8 Subcounties are: Kitui South, Kitui East, Kitui Rural, Kitui Central, Kitui West, Mwingi West,Mwingi Central and Mwingi North. The 8 Subcounties have 8 Subcounty Administrators who coordinate Development in their respective Subcounties. Or are you saying that they coordinate Development in your myopic selected areas and forget their jurisdiction ?The 8 Subcounties which also serve as constituencies have 8 Elected MPs who get funding from the national Government. You should first be enumerating what the 8 of you have collectively done before you raise your finger against one individual whom we know what she has done for us at the so called ndee nation. Infact there is nothing like Ndee nation except a creation by two individuals, Mr Boniface mutungi quipped.

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We know who did it for political expediency. It’s good that you are using the symbols of war-lordship of Southern Sudan. Bloodshed is what you are preaching to the young people of Kitui. The police needs to do their job by picking you up and having you expound on your statement. We still remember what you said about raping Her Excellence, We are watching you Nimrod Mbai.


Secondly 5B for 10 ministries and 40 wards is a drop in the ocean. I know the county can account for every penny and it’s wrong to raise issues prematurely,The govt has 5 years and so far we have seen them do many things including Embu loving more than 600 medical personnel, drugs are plenty in our hospitals, tractors have been bought and have been busy ploughing, grading of roads, hospital equipment is there including CT scan, youth have been trained, trade has been revamped, etc Initially Kitui has 18 Sub counties, yoana Kimwele said

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1. Kitui central
2. Kitui west3. Matinyani 4.Lower yatta 5. Katulani 6. Nzambani 7.Mutomo 8. Ikutha 9. Mutitu 10. Mutitu north 11. Kisasi 12. Migwani 13. Mwingi central 14. Mwingi east 15. Kyuso 16. Tseikuru 17. Mumoni 18.Thagiciu