Kitui Director of Communication finally Quits



By Munyasya Musya

Unshackled from the firm grip of jackals

Now ladies and gentlemen, am no longer beholden to the County Government of Kitui.
Today on Tuesday , I received my formal separation from the tormenting chamber.

Am at my highest of spirit, happy and free from persecution.

I have suffered all kinds of indignity, from beatings to bullying, intimidation unto humiliation; from harassment to incarceration without any justifiable reason.
My personal and career reputation were assaulted with circulation of malicious and false accusations splashed in newspapers, blogs and all forms of social media.


I have no capacity to pay back to my tormentors neither redeem what was lost and damaged under their wicked hand.
However. The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want.

I forgive my persecutors but one thing I know: their conscience will neither allow them sleep nor blink from the guilt of their evil schemes.

God, give Kitui County men and women of valour and foresight to defend and uphold the TRUTH and JUSTICE as contained in our National Anthem.

Never shall innocent people suffer in the hands of evil schemers and conspirators.

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May we join hands to exorcise the spirit of acrimony that floods our county today. Let us not do this for our benefit but for the benefit of every citizen, young and old.

For those that stood in defence of my innocence, they that stood firmly with me, they that shook my hand and encouraged me when I was shunned and ostracised, they that defended truth and justice, I say thanks a million and may the Almighty God bless u abundantly.

And for my colleagues, some quite young, who bore persecution with me, who suffered just because they served under me and stood with me, may the Almighty God bless you abundantly and open doors for you.
One thing I know, you’re destined for great accomplishments. As we always said, be firm but polite and serve to the best of your ability no matter the circumstances.

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For the people of Kitui County who bestowed to me the honour of being the pioneer Head of Communications under a new constitutional dispensation, I salute you. Be vigilant, and never shall your eyes stray from the truth. Demand for what is rightfully yours. Be consistent. Be firm!

God Bless Kitui County, God Bless Kenya.

Free soul
Munyasya Musya