Kitui Deputy Gvn Dr. Wathe Launch Cattle breeding Syncronization program


-By yoana Kim

16th January 2019

Kitui Deputy Governor Dr. Wathe Nzau Who is veterinary surgeon by profession on Wednesday officiated the launch of cattle breeding synchronization program on behalf of the Governor Ngilu,who was in Nairobi for an official engagement.

Dr wathe was in a company of agriculture executive member Emanuel kisangau, Sports Tourism and culture executive member hon Patrick Koki Musau, Executive member incharge of youth ICT hon David Kivoto, Minister of Environment and Natural resources hon John Makau Muneeni, The value Chains specialist in the office of Governor Dr temi Mutia among other senior county government officers

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As we kicked off the Mass Estrus Synchronization and Artificial Insemination program in Mbitini ward, Kitui Rural Sub-county.The program targets about 100,000 livestock farmers across the county and seeks to empower them by accelerating the production process and allow farmers to boost their yields and earn more income.

Shifting from traditional methods of livestock production to modern methods is a timely move that enables our farmers to produce more quality breeds for both milk and beef.The march towards wealth creation (the fifth pillar in my manifesto) in Kitui County roars on as we continue implementing programs that ensure more of our people are producers and not just consumers.

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Increasing household income is one of my priorities as I seek to lower poverty levels among our people kitui Governor charity Ngilu as said.
The programs includes artificial insemination, examining the cow’s health including a pregnancy test before the hormones are induced.

The launch of Artificial Insemination programme took place on Wednesday 16th January 2019 at Mbitini in Kitui Rural Subcounty and targets at least 100,000 cows from across the county.This programs will boost the county’s economy through increased milk and beef production

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