Kitui Deputy Governor Dr Wathe Calls Residents to Enjoy Their Holidays with Moderation.


By Yoana Kim

27th December 2018

Kitui County Deputy Governor Dr Wathe Nzau has called the residents of Kitui County to Continue supporting the county Government administration. The Deputy Governor thanked the people of Kitui for the continued support to the Governor Ngilu and the executive arm of the Government. He also urged the County Assembly to embrace dialogue saying this is the only way the county can Move in harmony.

The DG was speaking to the Members of press at his office Today on Thursday 27th December, 2018 afternoon where he urged the residents of kitui to enjoy their Christmas and the new year festivities with moderation. Dr wathe said that The County Government is committed to implement the five Pilar Manifesto Through our able Governor charity Ngilu

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1.Food & Water:

Tractor ploughing, Mianda irrigation for horticultural farming,

– Food security and water supply
– provision of certified farming seeds,
– drilling of boreholes, earth Dams and Water pans

2.Health care -installation of diagnostic equipment in all 14 level 4 hospitals
– employing medical officers
– provision of medicine In all the health facilities, provision of Health Insurance Cover, Kchic card.


3. Education, ICT and Youth Empowerment,
– creation of job opportunities
– funding youth groups.
– nurturing talents
– safe space for youths, Training of More than 600 youth for garment making at Syongila ,ICT skills and Training of over 100 artisanal Mininers across the rich Minerals zones

4. Women empowerment
– protecting the widows
– funding ‘syama sya aka ‘ women Groups.

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5.Wealth creation -Kitui county Garment Making Plant known As Kicotec, cattle Synchronization program.
The Deputy governor has asked for all stakeholders to join hands and minimise political tones for the benefit of Musangi and Nzangi, saying the county government is looking forward to partnering with all the development partners.

The Deputy Governor also urged the Christans, Muslim and other religious sects to share with the the less fortunate in our county during this holiday season, saying that is the spirit of Christmas.