Kitui deputy governor Dr Wathe Nzau Meets ECD Representatives


Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Yoana Kimwele

Kitui deputy Governor Dr. Wathe Nazu, on Tuesday in his office met with representatives of Early child Development ECD teachers from Mumuni ward and Tharaka Wards.

The team wants information about progress in working conditions and whether the government has implemented the additional recruitment plan, as proposed by the Ministry of Education in 2018.

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The governor Charity Ngilu during the campaign promised to have them in county payroll on a permanent basis, The DG reiterated the government commitment and urged them to be patient as the government works on the framework to that effect.

The meeting was also attended by a high-ranking official from the ministry Education, ICT and youth development and deputy director Customer relations Madam Kalimati, who served as Deputy Director Customer Relations Department.