Kitui Deputy Governor Dr Wathe Nzau Calls for Dialogue between The CA & The Executive.


By yoana kim

21st, December 2018

Kitui Deputy Governor Dr Wathe Nzau has called upon the County Assembly to drop their hard-line stand and go to a negotiations Table with the Governor Ngilu, We can not achieve our election pledges if we are not Willing to seat and consult together as leaders.

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The Deputy governor was speaking on Friday 21st, December 2018 when he visited Mbitini ward to sensitise community on cattle breeding synchronization program which will be launched by Governor early next year. The program is being spearheaded by DG in line with Governors manifesto to make Kitui food secure, healthy people and wealth creation through increased cattle number for sale, more milk for consumption & sale and more meat for food & sale.

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Dr wathe requested elected leaders to give Governor Ngilu time to deliver and promised to lead negotiation with CA to enlighten them on Governor’s 5 pillar manifesto, The county government of kitui is geared into food security in line with our Manifesto.