Kitui Deputy Gov Kanani advises farmers to venture into Smart farming


Humble Kitui Deputy Governor Hon Augustine Wambua Kanani has called on farmers to embrace smart farming techniques as way of modern living and support governor Malombe’s development trajectory.

The deputy Governor highlighted the importance of smart farming techniques and urged farmers to embrace these practices. Hon Augustine Wambua emphasized the need for sustainable agriculture methods that not only increase productivity but also minimize the negative impact on the environment.

He was speaking after joining Governor Malombe for the flagging of Water tanks, Kanani’s call for smart farming demonstrates his understanding of the pressing issues facing the agricultural sector and his dedication to finding viable solutions.


Kanani stressed that by adopting these techniques, farmers can reduce the reliance on chemical inputs, minimize water usage, and enhance crop yields. He also emphasized the need for farmers to stay informed about emerging technologies and best practices through training programs and workshops.

This shows the humility of Deputy Governor Kanani, as she acknowledges that knowledge and learning are essential for progress in the farming industry.

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Furthermore, by advocating for smart farming, Deputy Governor Kanani demonstrates his commitment to building a sustainable future. he recognizes that agriculture plays a vital role in the economy and the livelihoods of farmers, but it must also be done in a way that protects the environment for future generations.

Kanani’s encouragement for farmers to adopt practices like precision irrigation and soil health management showcases his belief in the potential of smart farming to minimize the ecological footprint of agriculture. By investing in these methods, not only will farmers benefit from increased productivity, but they will also contribute to preserving the natural resources that are necessary for their own survival.

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Deputy Governor Kanani’s call for smart farming reflects his understanding of the challenges faced by farmers and her commitment to addressing them.

Through the adoption of innovative technologies and sustainable practices, farmers can enhance their productivity while ensuring the long-term health of the environment.

Kanani’s humble approach to engaging with farmers highlights his belief in their capacity for growth and his desire to support their journey towards a more sustainable and prosperous future.

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