Over 700 Delegates Consult Former Gov Dr Malombe, Express Frustration With Ngilu



Residents want Governor Ngilu to dismiss rumor millers who are causing division in her Government.

The delegation drawn from Kitui South who have supported Mama Ngilu’ since the initial days in politics have expressed their frustration from some of the people who masquerade to be the Governor’s point persons in Kitui South. the COUNTY DIARY DIARY has learnt.

Speaking after they visited the former Governor Dr Julius Malombe at his Home in Ithiani, the residents said it has been hard for them to secure an appointment to see the Governor Ngilu to express their needs to her because of the people who claim they have to be consulted.

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The delegation of over 700 people on Friday went to see the former governor of kitui Dr Julius Malombe at his Home.

We love Mama Ngilu, we overwhelmingly voted her, but she doesn’t care of the people, she only listens to certified rumour Miller from Ikanga who masquerades as her lead person from kitui south, yet we know she can not help her, Musangi Not a Real Name!/told us on phone call.


  • There has been great sabotage of senior officers who are working with county government, as a result, this has led to beatings, demotion and finally dismissal from duties. Example, Andrew, Kathenge, Eng Ken, Eng Syengo, etc, there is also a saying that CEM Kisangau’s letter is on the table for dismissal.
  • Most of the county projects are centralized at the county headquarters leaving other areas marginalized
  • The very big fish from Ikanga who claims when you see her you have seen the governor has distanced everybody from mama’s camp due to huyu si wetu, huyu ni wa Fulani slogan.
  • Most of county programs /projects are not touching the musings since they don’t have direct benefits to her.
  • Kangukangu water project will remain a thorn to mama’s entry to kitui south if not completed.
  • The so-called mama’s airs have turned against her for the lack of facilitation and a lot of community resistance.
  • There is a disconnect between county administration and county leadership. is VA, WA, SCA. due to mistreatment by the so-called macho ya mama
  • Unpaid pending bills more so those from 2016/2017 Has caused a great heat to the contractors, Those contractors are kitui sons and daughters remember.
  • Finally, Governor Ngilu need a sober advisor who can see beyond putting something in their stomach
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Kyalo Kimuli.

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