Kitui Declared Defecation Free (ODF) County


Kitui Ministry of Health and Sanitation has made commendable milestones to improve rural sanitation following being declared Open Defecation Free (ODF) in October 2018, thanks to Madan Faith.

The ministry in partnership with UNICEF and Lixil group has embraced market based sanitation approach to sustain ODF status and promote latrine usage in every household across the county.

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The partnership between the development partners and ministry has seen Community Health Volunteers (CHVs) groups supported with seed capital in the form of sanitation products like Sato pans, stools, flex and taps to various groups across the county.

The CHVs groups restock products from sanitation distributors and purchase at a wholesale price facilitating growth of the private sector, income generating activity and employment opportunities to its members.

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Through the collaboration and immense support from the ministry, it has evolved the establishment of four one stop shops of sanitation and construction materials at the village level in four Sub-counties in Kitui.

There are 40 CHVs groups across the county engaging in sanitation business at the village.

This has seen 22,000 households and 107 schools restructure their pit latrines with Sato products thus enhancing sanitation standards at family level and in public institutions.

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The four one stop shops include Nduu Ndune in Kitui South, Kathungi in Kitui Central, Kangondi/Yalatani in Kitui West and Ngongoni in Mwingi West.