Kitui County young PeaceMakers and trouble Makers to watch 2022


As Kitui Political class continue to put up their strategy on the next general election, The contest is set to very interesting match to many and it will noisy, messy and there will be political casualties.

These are the youth to watch as from next year, Love them, hate them but they produce the true picture of political direction in Kitui county, They are suave, witty is their DNA, they are informed, astute in whatever they do, intelligent, they are clever politically, they have what it takes to deliver,

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THIS is the most disappointing and annoying bit about political camping and future political alliance


  • Patric Safari
  • Aggrey Nzomo
  • Benson Mutemi
  • Edward Kituva
  • Andrew Munyoki
  • Dennis Kiliku
  • Alex Muema
  • Cyprian Singi
  • Victor Marende
  • Yoana Kimwele
  • Kyalo James
  • Muthiani Junior
  • Eric Nzangi
  • Adams Mutavania
  • Martin Kasinga
  • Evans Mutemi
  • Katunda king’ang’i. If they will decide to start camping for political alignment no doubt the perception will change, They would literally overtake fellows who have been loitering in town trying to discredit or support certain team.

See, every politician knows the value of every person who supports him or her, some will be assigned duties depending on their strength.

They would shoot again straight into Think Tank and in no time, you would be seeing them in those rallies seated five fit behind the top-notch, wearing dark shades when you can’t even be let past the security..

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Within no time, you would hear that for you to invite the high notch to a certain function, please talk to……

What am I saying? For some people, Their Value to a political kingpin is the vote, nothing else..
Kazi ya kupanga unawachia wengine

I will continue giving you the best brain for political alignment,
Next Best county women pacemakers and trouble some stay tuned..